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Meal Planning

Back in my former life, right after I hit the lottery consecutive times (sarcasm lol), grocery shopping meant buying a barrage of items I didn’t need at the time. In my mind, food was a necessity. That being said a $170 to $200 grocery trip every two weeks seemed normal. Not until my second child was born did I realize this was way too much for a household of two (prior to my daughter) to spend on groceries.

Currently, now that all my lottery winnings have been depleted lol, my grocery budget for two weeks is $100-$120. This is on the high side, still at least a $50 savings from the amount I use to spend. You see, I have a growing 13 year old male that will eat the shirt off your back if he thought it would taste good. Hahahahahaha (I kid, I kid). But he does eat everything. Thank goodness I learned to coupon for personal care and household items.

Meal planning can be tedious and time consuming however it can be an excellent means of saving money. This technique will also remove the aggravation of constant pondering on dinner plans. Weeks when I’m feeling like super mom (lol) I will even prepare several nights of dinner to be ahead of the game.

Here’s my method to the madness that is called meal planning.

1. A few before the glorious task of grocery shopping, look for recipes you would like to try. Incorporate a few meals that you are already familiar with preparing which perhaps only require a few inexpensive ingredients. Make a list to include all ingredients needed. Also, think about buying family size packs of meat and veggies that can be used to prepare two dinners.

2. When you have to time take inventory of items already in your cabinets and refrigerator. Keep in mind any items you may need to use before you are able to make it to the grocery store.

3. Now go back to your list, mark off any items you already have.

4. If you are a neat freak like me create a new list with categories such as meats, veggies, sauces, etc. I find this makes getting through the grocery store quick and easy.

5. Add any misc. items such as snacks, personal care and household items. I personally ask my children what snacks they would like. From the 5-6 per child requested I narrow it down to 2 or 3. (somebody, other than me, needs a job lol)

6. Lastly, stick to what is on your list at the grocery store. If it’s not listed you more than likely did not need it to make dinner successful! Warn the kids before arriving at the store that only the items listed will be purchased, very important part of grocery shopping lol. A little trick I use: If there’s an item they would like after reaching the grocery store advise them to put it in their little memory bank and request it on the next grocery trip. 🙂

***Totally irrelevant to this post*** I’ve already gone off schedule lol! This should have been posted yesterday! 

Have a wonderful week my friends! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I have a whiteboard in my kitchen where I write things as I run out of them. I only do a shopping run about once a month (my husband will pick up in-between things like milk). As far as the neat freak comment… I write my list in the order I come upon it on my normal route through the store!

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  2. That’s a great idea! I use to have a pad on the fridge but one of my kids tore the magnet off lol sigh. I wish I could go shopping once a month. I’d have to lock up food to keep my son from eating it! That’s also a good way to organize your trip! Thanks for the comment. Perhaps I’ll try that organizational method on my next trip.


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