Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #11

If we were having coffee it’d be really late for a cup of coffee. However, I’d still opt to drink it. My coffee intake has drastically dropped but it is still consumed several times a day by me. In my opinion it’s never too late for a cup of joe. I have at least cut back and switched to decaf. LOL

If we were having coffee perhaps at this time of night you would take me up on an offer of a glass of wine, water, tea or soda. I would understand :). Recently, I decluttered and deep cleaned the back porch. I’d invite you out back to enjoy the ending of a really harsh storm that just pasted. For the night, I presume, the storm cooled the otherwise humid and hot weather we have been experiencing here in the mid southeast.

This past week I decided to begin telling my story. It’s not a pretty story but it’s not the ugliest either. Nonetheless, I feel like telling it will bring more healing than I have already received. Time heals all wounds right? I believe times allows you to live in peace with the wounds. (just a personal belief) Depending on how you deal with hurt and disappointment you could believe differently. Either way as long as we both are surviving life…life is good! 🙂

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I successfully executed two pinterest recipes this week. (yay me! lol) One recipe has been posted. This was an Asian inspired dinner night week. Even though I almost ruining the General Tso’s chicken (paying attention is fundamental lol) I was able to save it by using what I’ve learned in the last few months of cooking! Here’s a picture. I expect to have the recipe posted tomorrow.


If we were having coffee I’d tell you after a long week of work I (by myself…yes!) stopped by a rooftop restaurant Friday evening. By chance, I had a few hours child free! It was beautiful and serene yet busy and alive with patrons. Ever table was reserved! Talk about a thriving business! Going back is absolutely in my plans!


Today I was lucky enough to be able to babysit the cutest and happiest baby I believe I have ever met. Her pure energy and spirit was amazing. Her mother told me she was good baby (don’t all mother’s say that? even if the kid screams and hollers all day LOL). To my pleasant surprise she was jut that “a good baby”. She was with me for over 10 hours, in that 10 hours she only cried twice! How awesome is that! Since I will never be able to actually have a baby again babysitting satisfies my want to be around cute really little people. 🙂

*Cute little story* My daughter said “I don’t want to take her home”…my reply “That’s called kidnapping.” Hahahahahahaha! My little lady was so helpful today! She is growing up to be quite the little lady!


After dropping off the little bundle of smiles and giggles I tackled my daughters hair. Sigh. If you have ever seen pictures of the back of head (yeah that’s pretty much all I post lol) you’d know she hates getting her hair done. I pick my battles! Anywho, tonight I had no choice (she looked like a child with a parent who didn’t care lol) but to take the plunge to do it! Thankfully it is over! I’ll have to actually braid it tomorrow but the really hard part is over.

Please excuse her bed…she has pulled the paint off…like why would you do that? (I asked her she had no real answer lol)
 If we were having coffee you’d be able to conclude that my week wasn’t very eventful. In my life that’s a pretty relaxing week. Most of the time I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Ha!

As always I absolutely enjoyed having coffee with you! I will head over to have coffee with you soon! If you’d like to post a link in my comments I’d love that!

How was your week? Did you do anything new or exciting? Was it a trying week for you? No matter how the week started, continued or ended you made it through! Let’s all dance and jig to that! 🙂

#WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can join us at the linkup.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #11

  1. My daughter used to peel the paint off of everything too. Still no clue why she did it. haha. Surprisingly I was actually drinking coffee while reading this. (Only because for some reason I thought overtime on the night shift sounded like a good idea… then again at the time all I saw was $$$$$).
    My week was extremely stressful, from marriage counseling to piling too much on my plate. I am surprised I made it through the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by for coffee! Hopefully you will have a much less stressful week coming up! 🙂 I’m very glad you made it through! I always say tie a knot and hold on! That’s what I have to do some weeks! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. O wow! I’m so honored to have you, the host of weekend coffee share, comment on this post! She was the cutest, happiest little baby! Thanks for stopping by for coffee! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank YOU! 🙂 I used to try to get around to all the coffee shares each week but fell out of the habit, so I’m working on doing that again. It makes the coffee share feel more like a community!

        Hope you have a good week, too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The chicken looks delicious. I feel for your daughter as my hair has been a lifetime nightmare. Your babysitting remind me of my babysitting when I was in the sixth grade. One summer I cared for baby not very old. It was a delightful experience and an easy job. I wonder where that child is now. I don’t even remember her name

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment and stopping by to have coffee! Happy babies absolutely make the job easier. I keep telling my daughter she has lifetime of getting her hair done. It’s no comfort to her though. LOL

      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am going to braid her hair for the week tomorrow. She starts a nature camp which means she’ll have to be ready when I leave for work. Thank you I absolutely enjoyed having a tiny wee one around. I hope you have a wonderful! Thanks for stopping by! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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