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Organized Blogging

At the birth of Mommy Usage I was out of work recovering from major surgery. The ability to post constantly came easy. As of yesterday I’ve been back to work for two months.

The posts on my blog, with the exception of Friday Shenanigans and Weekend Coffee Share have been chaotic (like my life lol). I’ve decided on a schedule (which may or may not be followed each week lol). There has to be a plan. If I post this is what it will be about! Here it is…

Sunday: Sunday Dinner

Monday: Mommy Talk (crafts, mom life, experiences, etc.)

Tuesday: Recipe

Wednesday: I Lost a Person I Hadn’t Found (life story)

Thursday: Life Talk (pretty much anything I would like to post lol)

Friday: Friday Shenanigans

Saturday: Weekend Coffee Share

I plan to change all posts to the categories listed above. My thought is this will make Mommy Usage easier to navigate! There may even be a theme change! Only time will tell! 😜

Do you have a planned posting schedule? What are your thoughts on my schedule?


7 thoughts on “Organized Blogging

  1. I like that you have a schedule. It seems like it would make it easier to keep up with your writing. I sometimes go months without blogging and then I’ll come to a month where I am posting almost every day. Thanks for the idea. Maybe I will make a schedule too.

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  2. I have had two schedules since I started blogging. One on a former site and one here at WP. What I noticed about myself is that I never stick to the schedules that I make. I get annoyed at “whoever this crazy scheduler is making me write this today” before I realize it was my own schedule and I didn’t have to follow it. I finally gave up after a fist fight with myself. That didn’t turn out well.

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