Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #9

How can a 4 day week be sooooo long? Who cares?? It’s over! I’ll toast to that! As a matter of fact I did!

My father met me to drop my daughter off a few miles away from my jobs. To my surprise he had not dressed her. She arrived in her night clothes (really dude??? In what world? lol). Our evening was planned out however I had to take my daughter back to my office dress her and do her hair. (this is the definition of shenanigans ha) Thankfully it didn’t take too long or derail my plans. Keep in mind I had no comb or other hair care products. I used my fingers, a pencil and some water! Yep that’s what moms have to do sometime. Use what they have…#mommyusage

So what shenanigans did we partake in?? A visit to the Art Museum followed by a baseball game! Yippie! *doing a little jig*. She’s my little shadow. My son used to be too, however he is growing up (but whyyyyyyy). He chose not to hang with us on this trip. The jig I performed in my mind was due to us being able to make it to the art museum. I absolutely love this place on Fridays (really any day of the week)!

I grabbed a glass of wine then we trotted outside to enjoy (or brave lol) the weather. It was 90+ degrees today. Children don’t really notice heat when they are having fun. The atmosphere at the museum on Friday evenings is very relaxing. You will see people sitting outside on the beautiful green grass laughing and enjoying each others company,  a patio full of friends chatting over drinks, children playing in the play and water areas, dogs with their owners taking in the rays, etc.  My daughter’s 1st stop was the koi fish to throw pennies while making wishes. (I like to call it throwing my money away lol) After all her wishes were made we strolled over to the water garden (that’s what I call it…pretty sure that is NOT the name haha) to play for a while.  With about 15 minutes to spare we went back inside to catch a few glimpses of the art. Admission is free to the normal museum which makes this a great Friday Shenanigan activity for us!

My daughter wanted to stay at the museum however payment had already been made for our baseball tickets. It was my jobs night at the baseball field. Nothing really exciting happened for us (well we left before the game was over). A few of my coworkers came. The score was 0-0 in the 7th ending. After I paid $4 for cotton candy and $3 for a bottle of water *cringe* I felt it necessary to leave before my daughter asked for anything else. Hahahahahahaha.

All in all tonight’s shenanigans were awesome. As we were on the way home my daughter asked “Can we have fun again tomorrow”…I replied “Absolutely”! 🙂 Shhhhhhh…the botanical gardens are free tomorrow so perhaps we will head there! (Don’t mention it to her…it’s a surprise lol)

I hope everyone had a good week! 🙂

What are you doing tonight? What did you do tonight?


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