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You’re Going to Wash Babies?

When your kids are young you get the best jokes (unintentional) out of them. In most cases they are extremely serious and extra curious.

Here’s a few funnies from my kids that I can remember.

Me: You have to go with Nana. I have a baby shower to go to.

Child: You’re going to wash babies?? 😳


Me: Clean your room.

Child: I wish I didn’t have a mom but I need you to take care of me.

Me: Catch 22 huh? Go clean your room 😂


Me: Before you came she was fine. Calm and relaxing.

Child: I’m her “glicose”

Me: You mean glucose?

Proves he listens in school but missed the pronounciation part. Hahahahahaha


Me: Stop messing with your brother.

Child: I’m going to leave because I don’t feel safe here!

Me: What? 😂


Child: Mom (screaming while I was in the bathroom)

Me: (silence…this is where I take daily me time. Lol)

*walks out of bathroom*

Child: “You didn’t answer me I thought you was dead!”

Me: Say what?


These are just a few I am able to remember. My kids are always saying things that make me do a double take. It’s apart of raising little humans! 😊

What funny responses do you remember from your children?


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