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Friday Shenanigans #8

OMG was this the longest work week or what??? By 3:30 (an hour before it was time for me to get off…shhhhh don’t tell) I was staring at the computer screens on my desk. All motivation had left the building. Luckily I wasn’t alone. One of my coworkers was playing her tablet waiting for quitting time. (Lol no chill…that’s what the young kids say…I’m hip). My sister, who is 20, tells me I am not hip because I keep saying “I’m hip”. LOL…she knows nothing about hipness!  Hahahahahaha

Anywho let’s do a few two steps and heel clicking for the weekend. Perhaps even toast to it! (I already started lol)

My plan for the evening was to take my little lady to see Finding Dory. However, when I stepped across the threshold of my home it was apparent that I needed to clean instead. Unfortunately, instead of a fun movie I will be adulting. No one likes adulting. Doing it tonight will free up the rest of my weekend (that’s what the responsible adult inside of me is saying…not sure if she’s right lol).


Once cleaning is done I’m going to do some DIY beauty things. Facial (I’m going to put egg white on my face and peel it off…fancy lol), pedicure and manicure. I’m sure my daughter will get in on that too. She needs her hair washed but we are going swimming in the morning so I’ll wait on that.

I also need to cut my coupons from last week…

Hopefully, I’ll get my “Single Parent Vacationing on a Budget” post up tonight as well. I believe I have found a way to get to Myrtle Beach after all. Wish me luck! 🙂

Tomorrow will be much more eventful but tonight I ADULT!


What are you doing tonight? Did this week seem super long to you? Do you have any 4th of July plans?


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