Life Talk

Random Rambling

Pretty sure (not really lol) that I will introduce myself in my #weekendcoffeeshare Saturday!

It feels like Friday but my calendar says it’s Thursday. So yeah…there’s still one day left in the work week. Ugggh! But I’m glad I have a job.

This is a 3 day weekend!! Yippie! *jumps up and clicks heels*

I really need to do my nails (hands and feet)…maybe tomorrow.

Currently sitting on the porch sipping wine with my doggie. (No the dog is not drinking 😉 or is she lol)

My youngest is asleep. I enrolled her in a week long camp for fitness and sports at the local community center. She naps every evening! I’d say that’s $35 well spent. Hahahahahaha!

In 15-20 mins (normal wait time for ALL Chinese food lol) I’m going to go pick up our takeout order!

Lastly I will snuggle up with my honey and binge watch a couple episode of Game of Thrones. (I’m addicted now lol)

Have a wonderful evening everyone! 😊


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