Homemade Broth (Final Strain and Freeze)

At the birth of Mommy Usage I posted a recipe for homemade broth. At that time a comment was made concerning ridding the broth of the “scum” on top. The scum is basically fat and oil which wasn’t trapped in the initial straining process. Here’s a stroll through the last stages of the broth process.

Be sure to read the 1st homemade broth post and then…

1. Pour broth into a plastic container and place in the refrigerator. Allow to cool for at least 24 hours. This process will solidify the lingering oil and fat. Based on science (I have no real idea why; science wasn’t my best subject lol) solid matter or dense matter will rise or seperate. (Hey look I’m trying hahahahaha but now I’m going to stop). 


2. Grab a paper towel, strainer and a bowl. Place the strainer on top of the bowl. Put paper towel inside the strainer. Slowly pour broth into strainer (onto paper towel). Allow broth to strain. This could take a little while. Warm broth strainers quicker than chilled. However, this process is worth the wait! You will see all the extra solid matter still on the paper towel. This is exactly what you want!

3. The straining process can be done once or twice depending on how much scum was left. (I strained 3 times when I made it. I only strained once at the end) The result is clean, pure chicken broth!


4. Lastly, get some freezer bags, a permanent marker and a measuring cup. Write the date, amount and content on the bag. Measure out desired amount. Pour into bag. (So many things went wrong for me on this step no freezer bags only sandwich bags and my liquid measuring cup broke so I improvise lol but you get the point)

5. Put bags into freezer! During my internet research I found, if stored in freezer material, the broth can be kept for  4-6 months.



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