Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #8

If we were having coffee there’d be no reason for complaints of early waking. I slept until 10:45 am. Woohoo! That’s a recent record for me. Normally my oldest child is up and I am carpooling teenage boys to the local community center. Due to it being summertime the center is giving free play to everyone. The boys prefer to be the only group on the court so they decided not to go. Scooooorrreee for the tired mom! LOL Not to mention both children are still asleep! Quiet Saturday morning to share coffee with a friend or two!

Come on in, have a sit at the kitchen table. I’ll grab the backup coffee maker to brew you a cup of joe. I ran out of k-cups so it’s back to old faithful until I get to the grocery store. Sure hope you don’t mind. Last night I started a pot of homemade chicken broth. I wish the wonderful aroma you smelled was finished. If it were I’d offer you a taste of whatever I decided to create with it. (no no no I’m not using you as a test dummy lol 😉 ) Right now it’s still steeping. Three’s two extra chairs, I’m not uppity, so throw your feet up in one! Go ahead! Get comfortable as I am! How was your week? Did you do anything new? Exciting?

Not sure if you remember last week I mentioned, in detail, that I purchased 3 Alex and Ani bracelets. My boyfriend purchased one for me as well. They arrived Thursday and I just love them.

My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday on Thursday. My plans were to have everything set up the night before. However, with it being summer and all, she opted to stay up with her brother on Wednesday. I skipped lunch on Thursday, headed home to stage her biggest present. Her dollhouse! I really have to think about introducing us because the video of her seeing it was very cute.

If we were having coffee, and it hadn’t rained like crazy last night, I’d walk you outside to peek at the raised vegetable garden in the back yard. There are little tiny vegetables popping up finally! I remember when we first started this garden, how surprised we were to see vegetables emerging. We still get the same feeling 3 years later. LOL…it does not take much to excite us! The zucchini, cucumber and green peppers having come yet but the flowers are blooming so that’s a good sign.

How’s your coffee? Do you need more? I can make more if you like.

Last night my daughter and I, along with a friend and her son, went to the Marina to watch Shark Tales outside by the water. It was a bring your chair or blankets, free concessions and enjoy a family movie outside kind of event. It was rather nice. If memory serves me right it’s the 1st time it’s been done in our little boring city lol. Thankfully the partnership for a “better city” is working on the boring part. Quite a few of my high school classmates were there. We caught up on each others lives, introduced our kids, exchanged facebook information and talked about old times. We waited an hour for it to start. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes  into the movie it began lightening. The coordinator advised he would have to end the event so we headed home. There’s another movie tonight at a park but I don’t think my daughter will like.


If we were having coffee I’d sneak in a*Cute Little Story Alert* A personal goal for me is to do my feet and nails at least once a week. This week while I was soaking my feet my daughter came in to join me. This is really beauty on a budget! Hahahahahaha! I love spending time with my kids. Just not this close! LOL

If we were having coffee I’d say I really do enjoy our Saturday/Sunday mornings together catching up on our weeks. I sure hope you had an awesome week. Enjoy your weekend! Perhaps I’ll head over to enjoy coffee with you in a venue of your choice! See you there! 🙂

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Part-time Monster. You can join the weekendcoffeeshare by visiting her page the link up.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #8

  1. Hi! Popping over from the coffee share! Outdoor movies rock. It’s a shame yours was cut short. We used to have a drive in movie near my home when I was little. We would pile in the car dressed in our PJs and lay on the hood of the car while we watched the film. Glad you were able to surprise your daughter with her doll house. My daughter had when she was younger and I think I liked playing with it as much as she did!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for coming by! Hopefully they will add another movie night since we weren’t able to finish the movie. I played with her today for a little over an hour. Then I remembered I had to “adult” lol!

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