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Have you ever gone into deep thought about the amount of one on one time you spend with your children? Time when you aren’t preoccupied with life, cellphones, another child, etc. At times this will weigh on my heart. If these thoughts surface and are unshakable I take it as a sign to start planning one on one time with each child.

Here are a few of my go to activities for fun one on one time with my children.

1. In/Out Fun
Pick a meal or restaurant your child enjoys. Prepare it or head out to the restaurant. Remember to make your child the center of your attention. You can even ask your child where they would like to go or eat.

A few years ago on Valentine’s Day my son was scheduled to be with his father. A few days before I asked my father to watch my daughter. Dinner included steak and baked potatoes. I broke out the real plates and glasses (yes I purposely created dishes to wash lol) and enjoyed a Valentine’s Day dinner with my son. After which we watched a movie of his choosing. Money saved but we still spent quality time together.

There’s a really nice art museum with a restaurant in a neighboring large city.  After dressing as twins of course lol (lots of people commented on it and thought we were so cute hahahahahaha) we headed to the museum. The beautiful water and sitting area outside along with the awesome art inside provided us with hours of time to blab about things that caught her attention. Be sure to tell your child not to touch the art lol. Didn’t figure I had to…obviously I was wrong LOL. When she became restless we headed over to the restaurant located in the museum for lunch. On the way home we stopped to feed ducks in a near by park. She had fun that day.  She told me so 😀

2. Active Fun
Find an arcade, gym or another place your child enjoys that includes movement. Be sure to remember the fun. Bring your fun along too!

We have a pretty cool arcade in our area that include go carts, laser tag, miniature golf course and a batting cage. Every now and then I will take my son here to play laser tag. He loves laser tag. I remember to be active and make it a fun day for him. We laugh and joke about the person who lost. Normally that person is me LOL. I’m old! Hahahahaha.

My daughter loves bowling. She nor I are very good at it. But we just have fun. Plus bowling alley food is really good LOL.

3. Hangout Fun
Time does not have to be costly. Chose an evening when you are rested with nothing to do. Spend it in the same room with your child. Be intentional on spending time with your child.

When I want to spend time but not money I will go into my son’s room. He is normally playing xbox. I intentionally ask questions about the game he is playing.  (honestly I am in no way really interested in lol)  I will even play the game with him. I am awful at it. Most times this ends with us laughing at just how much talent I DO NOT have playing video games. LOL

As I have stated in other blog posts my daughter is a girly girl. Our inside time is normally nails and paint related unless I have planned a craft or cooking activity. We snuggle up on the couch/bed and watch movies or Youtube vids. She’s really into watching Minecraft videos. With her just receiving a dollhouse I can see doll play in my future.

Spending time with children is essential to making them feel important, loved, safe, happy and accepted. In a world with so many outside situations and individuals which influence their opinions cultivating a positive opinion at home is vital.



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