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Friday Shenanigans #7

Whew! It’s Friday and I am dragging. I’ve overslept twice this week. O no! LOL. My best friend (my bed 🙂 ) has been holding me since arriving home. The little woman child is walking around changing dresses. I’ve seen 3 so far this evening. (she needs to learn to do laundry). My teen is of course playing the electronic trance device. (so you know this isn’t a quiet evening)

Tonight’s plans are up in the air due to the weather. There’s a movie night at the marina in the area. However, the weather report is predicting rain at 8:00 pm. (Go figure the movie starts at 8:00 pm). Shark Tales is playing. They sky is playing with my emotions. Hahahahaha. It won’t give me a clear sign of it’s intentions for the evening. If we are unable make it tonight there are several things going on in our city this weekend so we’ll catch something fun tomorrow. (I call myself an event junkie lol)

My daughter is waiting for me to peel myself off the mattress (which feels so good) to come play with her new doll house with her. Eventually I will. That dollhouse is absolutely awesome!

A friend just stopped by so we are going to try our hand with this movie and the weather! (say a prayer because I’m sleepy lol)

SN: Shark Tank is on. I love that show. I just wanna stay in my bed. Mommy duty calls. Operation Keep Kids Busy 🙂

What are you doing tonight?



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