Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #7

If we were having coffee, again this week, I would invite you to sit outside on the porch with me. We’d enjoy coffee from the Keurig 2.0 that I scored a month or so ago for $20 bucks. I’d ask how your week had been? Anything new or exciting happen? You’d talk and I’d listen. I absolutely love having coffee with you 😉

As we sat outside you would notice my cleaned up landscape. (Well at least I hope you would lol) A good portion of yesterday was spent working in the yard. The soil in the front yard is awful due to the humongous trees on each side of my home. Both trees belong to my neighbors but I am suffering the consequences lol. Point of saying that…grass is nonexistent in my yard. It’s mostly weeds. My numerous attempts to grow grass have been futile. 😦  Mulching is my best option for a nice, neat look. I mowed the weeds, sprayed the weeds, cut those annoying stalk flower of my hostas and laid new black mulch. What do you think?

You’d notice my babe in the front tapping the window of my vehicle. You’d ask what happen and I’d say here’s where yesterday went downhill…a rock jumped up from under the lawnmower *dun dun dun*, flew all the way across the street and shattered the glass in my back passenger side window. My sweetie tapped it up (twice now because I just haaaad to leave the house lol). I’m learning to let him help me. After being alone for quite a while it hard not take control of every situation. In a new twist yesterday I sat on the porch and let him do his thing! I’m sure he appreciated the absence of my instruction giving hahahahahaha. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it fixed.

Would you care for another cup of coffee? No really I don’t mind…give me a second! 🙂

As always the conversation would switch over to my kiddos! Yes yes yes…I love to talk about them. This week we started karate, well my daughter did. A month or so ago Groupon had a really good deal on 20 classes which included the uniform. Keeping her busy is a priority. She has so much energy that needs to be expelled. LOL. The staff are very friendly and know how to motivate children. This may be a new activity for her. Only time will tell.

Thankfully the school year has ended. This school year has been quite trying for me. My daughter’s teacher from what I could tell did not want to be a kindergarten teacher. We have experienced hair cutting, clothes destruction, hair styles being destroyed (it takes me hours to do her hair while screams and the world ends), unexplained bumps and bruising, week long episodes of potty accidents and no communication. I practically lived at the school in the principal’s office. I almost had a shirt made for the last day of school with “I survived Ms. ****** class”. I planned to list everything that happened during the school year on the back. In the end (because I am a logical person) I figured that was a bad idea. LOL. That’s just my daughter.

My 7th grader decided he wanted to do his own thing (and to teach him that he needed help like everyone in the world) so I let him. Constant emails from his teachers (because they realized I wasn’t an absent parent) were like good morning texts…lol…they came almost everyday! Sigh!

But we made it through! So naturally I had to celebrate the ending of this school year! We ate chinese, McDonald’s and seafood for dinner. (yes I went to three different places to get dinner…doesn’t happen often). Afterward we pigged out on junk food! 🙂


I think I’m going to grab another cup of Joe. Would you like more or are you ok?

Our Friday Shenanigans led us to a basketball game. Reluctantly, I drove from work, home and back to the same area I work. In case you didn’t know my job is about 25-30 mins away. Surprisingly the game was very enjoyable. I’m a football girl however actually being at the game in person was fun! Following the game the Girl Scout troops camped on the field. I went home (I’m not a camper lol) after helping set up the tent. My mom stayed with my daughter. My mother lucked up on a great deal for a 10 person tent. She only paid $40 at a yard sale.

If we were having coffee you’d ask if I had done anything for myself recently! Lol…maybe you would. Even if you didn’t I would happily tell you I ordered 3 very nice bangles from Alex and Ani on Friday after being bullied by my coworkers. Ha! Not really…however they fail to understand why I will spend money on my kids with no problem but not on myself. They reminded me of how good of a mother I am, that I worked everyday and that I deserve to have things I like too (it felt like and intervention hehehehe). My sweetie even sent one as a gift to me. Now I will have 4. He also was extremely surprised that I purchased 3. Bangles aren’t needs they are wants but I did treat myself. It will probably be a year before something like this happens again. O and I purchased from the clearance section of the website. LOL

Each charm has a meaning. I would list them but I’m sure no one really cares. LOL. These are the 4 I ended up with ! Can’t wait for them to arrive!

Just looked down in the right hand corner (word count) I believe our coffee share should end now. Apparently this has been a good, busy or hectic (all three really) week for me. Life is good!

I’m going to take a scroll through the neighborhood and enjoy coffee somewhere else now. It is my sincere hope that your weekend has been wonderful and that your week is even better!

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Part-time Monster. You can join the weekendcoffeeshare by visiting her page and the link up.


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