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Catching Moments

Page from June 2016 Parents Magazine

Yesterday my manager had a magazine…a Parent’s magazine to be exact…which I planned to rummage through for coupons. Hahahahaha! Yes coupons…it’s like grabbing a $1 out of a book. Back to the point (we all know I can get off track lol) the title,”Be happier, think like a kid!”, of an article caught my attention. *shrugs shoulders* (i’m on my lunch break why not).  The article, I believe, was written to adults however using kids mannerisms to get the point across. However, for me I pondered the easy, thoughtless, unplanned, fun opportunities missed because of time restriction (given by none other than myself) and/or rules (again given by none other than myself…I’m seeing a trend lol). At this moment I decided once I arrived home I would throw rules and time restrictions out of the window (mostly because it was the last day of school today) and have some fun with my little free spirited, open minded, wild munchkin! In my mind we would flow from one unplanned activity to another while enjoying each other’s company! Happily I can say I did just that yesterday afternoon!

Unconsciously we move through our days just trying to survive at times…tired, drained, weak and weary. In complete honesty I personally do this often. Mostly because in my household there is no one else to watch the clock for bedtime and bath time, prepare meals, help with homework along with a barrage of other tasks such as cleaning.

Planned activities? Absolutely my thing! I can plan an activity to beat the band. The fun will come, the set up will be gorgeous and so on and so forth. But what about the moments of dancing with no shoes in the warm sun, catching lightening bugs at dusk, singing along into the water hose as loud as you like, sitting on the sidewalk coloring or watching a movie w/ the kiddo (s) on a week night? (Yes my daughter and I did it all…spare of the moment 🙂 ) What about breaking up the monotony?

Now that the summer has arrived I will strive to enjoy more nights/evenings like these. I love the moments when we are both enjoying ourselves, when we catch each other and smile. Love can be felt without saying a word. At times it necessary to give a hug (all mommies like “for no reason” hugs from their children).

I’d like to give bulleted or numbered lists to make this “that post” but in light of the content I’ll just say play it by ear and catch the moments 😉 Our children are only this young, fun and open once! Make the best of each moment in time!


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