Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #6

IMG_8114[1]If we were having coffee I’d invite you to sit outside while the weather was still bearable. We’d soak in the fresh morning air as our skin absorbed some of the early morning sun. I would probably, at some point, jump up to water our little raised garden. There hasn’t been much rain here recently. With the garden in my view I would be reminded that I had not watered it today. While I stood holding the hose and watching the water I’d turn and ask you…how was your week? anything exciting happen? anything new? As you sipped and talked I’d listen intently. Maybe give a few o yeahs or that’s awesome…you see I’m glad to see you and couldn’t imagine not having coffee with you every Saturday morning! πŸ™‚

The plan for today, in 90 degree weather, is a day full of roller coaster rides. Today is Girl Scouts day at an amusement park about an hourΒ north of our city. I haven’t been in years. If I am honest I am not looking forward to it today. (it’s just going to be hot and a lot of walking lol) I’m sure my kids will enjoy it though. There’s a water park inside so perhaps I’ll use it a couple of times today.

Before you arrived I attempted to wake the 3 sleeping teenagers in my living room…to no avail. As I mentioned in Friday Shenanigans they have plans to go to the local community center by 9AM. Pretty sure they aren’t going to make it on time. lol *side note* Last night, when they thought I was asleep, there was a inappropriate conversation taking place. So I offered to take them home around 1:30 AM if it was a conversation they just had to have and couldn’t live without. As I thought it didn’t need to be discussed. #boys I personally don’t subscribe to the “boys will be boys” hype. Boys will be what you allow them to be. In my house that’s respectful and gentlemen. *snaps fingers and rolls eyes* hahahahahaha.

Whenever they arise from their slumber I will take them to there destination. After which my daughter and I have to go find a bathing suit. She grows so quickly! I purchased a swim suit for her last summer now she can no longer fit it.

IMG_8107[1]By the way last night I made homemade sushi! I love sushi! It’s nothing like sushi and a nice glass of wine on a Friday night! πŸ˜‰ My mother stopped by to enjoy sushi with us (minus the wine). It was her birthday! We talked for quite a while but she had to head home to get some rest. She is going out of town for the weekend. Cheers to weekends away!!! Preferably, for me, on a beach!

Enough of my babbling…the young men are awake and I have to get a move on. You’d think I would be ready right? Nope I’m the master procrastinator! LOL

I hope you have wonderful weekend full of fun and love! Please share your weekend plans or your weeks thoughts with me in the comments. Hopefully I will get around to sharing coffee with you at a venue of your choice tomorrow!

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Part-time Monster. You can join the weekendcoffeeshare by visiting her page and the link up.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #6

  1. When my son was a teenager, he had a weird conception of time, thinking he’d always just naturally get up at the right for whatever the need or want was. I wonder if all teenage boys are like this.

    BTW, thanks for the cup of coffee. πŸ™‚

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