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Friday Shenanigans #5

Whoopi!! (No not Goldberg lol) Whoopi the work week is over! Dance a little!! You made it through the week! Whew…*wipes hypothetical sweat from brow* Hopefully everyone had a good week and plans for an even better weekend! 🙂

IMG_8063[1]Tonight’s dinner plan is homemade sushi! This family loves sushi night! Stayed tuned for a yummy homemade sushi recipe coming at cha in a about an hour!

My mind has turned off in anticipation of absolutely no work tomorrow. This  would explain the two trips I made to the grocery store to get all the items needed for dinner. LOL. As soon as I walked back in I realize I had nothing to put inside the nori and rice. (like really only I would do that lol) Good thing Foodlion is less than 5 minutes away from house…hahahahahaha!

Currently my home is the hangout spot for 3 teenage boys. This number normally increases as the night goes on when my son is home. They’ve already began to ask if they can spend the night. Apparently the plan is a 9 AM trip to the local community center. Ugh…so early! I don’t allow my son to walk around town so I normally end up being the shuttle bus. (I need a raise lol)

My daughter is washing dishes for fun! Lol…like who does that? A free spirited 5 year old. By the way this little lady received two awards today at school!!! One for a perfect score on a math placement test and the other for outstanding achievement in a reading program! I am so proud of her. Unfortunately I was unable to attend her ceremony (1st ceremony I have ever missed for either of my children 😦 ) This absence was made possible by the six weeks I missed from work to recover from a major surgery…thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu surgery…booooooooo *thumbs down with pout face* Anywho she has also taken over my tv to watch whatever show this is…


What am I doing? Aside from blogging…I’m enjoying some time outside with a glass of wine (moscato to be exact) and my pooch! She is the sweetest little doggy you will ever meet. (Sometimes too sweet …like I can’t breathe you are smothering me sweet…lol). The rice for the sushi is cooling and so am I! Hahahahahaha! It’s been a long week. O Donald Trump is in our neck of the woods today so I’ll definitely be staying inside. Nobody has time for that nonsense and chaos that normally follows his rallies.

After I prepare the sushi. I am going to eat and then veg out on the couch! Perhaps find a movie or something! I have no plans on entertaining! Although my daughter may come and change my plans! Hehehehe! Yay! Mommy life rocks! 🙂

What are you doing tonight? Any plans?


4 thoughts on “Friday Shenanigans #5

  1. Cooked a good dinner with the family, let my kids show me some of their favorites on YouTube, enjoyed some wine, and now having fun in the blog world”_

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