4 Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Dip

Last year my boyfriend and I had a Christmas party! Of all the tasty food there, the most enjoyable and easiest to make was a buffalo chicken dip. My boyfriend made it. For over a year he hid this yummy snack food from me. Shame on him lol.

Today, I would like to share his secret with you! Shhhhhh…don’t tell him I’m telling 🙂

What You Will Need

2 Chicken Breasts or 2 Large Cans of Canned Chicken
1 4lb block Cream Cheese
1/2 Bottle Buffalo Sauce
1 8 oz Bag of 4 Cheese (Mexican blend)
1/2 tbsp salt (chicken breast prep)
2 -3 cups of water (chicken breast prep)

*If using fresh chicken breasts start here*

1. Clean chicken.

2. Add water, chicken and salt to crockpot.

3. Allow to cook until done.

4. Remove chicken from water. Allow to cook a bit. Pour out water and clean crockpot.

5. Once cool, using your hands, remove chicken from bones. You can also use boneless chicken breast. Just be sure to pull apart into shreds.

*If using canned chicken start here*

6. Add all items to crockpot.

chicken dip 2

7. Allow to cook on high for about 30 -45 mins.

8. Once cheese has started to melt. Stir ingredients with a spoon and turn crockpot to low.

9. Allow to cook until all ingredients are mixed and the texture is smooth.

10. Enjoy with tortilla chips or scoops

I absolutely love this dip! It’s good for potlucks at work! We always eat at work!


  • Any Mexican blend cheese will work. It does not have to be Sargento it’s expensive, he went to the store…not me lol…there would not have been any expensive cheese if I was shopping.
  • Canned chicken can also be used. That’s what my boyfriend normally uses. I prefer fresh chicken breasts.
  • You can just throw everything in the crockpot. For blog purposes we made it look fancy. Hahahahahahaha!

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