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Survival of the Parents :)


Snacks! For the Girl Scout meeting I will not be attending. *gasp* You’re not going to your daughter’s weekly girl scout meeting. No, I am not. Why? Simply because I’m tired. My mother, who is also a girl scout volunteer, is stepping in tonight. Did I ask her to? Yes. Why? Simply because I am tired. (I rarely do this)

Parents at times forget to take care of themselves, feel guilty or worry about what others will say. *Raises hand* Guilty as charged. There was once a time when I wouldn’t miss anything my children were involved in. Basically run myself ragged attempting to be everything for them. I have literally dropped off one child, carried another child to a different activity, sat in the car waited for child #1 and ran back to get child #2. I’ve done homework in the car, ate dinner in the car, took naps in the car, etc.  Not to say I don’t still do it but when I feel drained and tired I have learned to ask for help.

In my #weekendcoffeeshare I mentioned I overslept for everything this weekend and ended up crashing for six hours (it was a wonderful crash lol). However, it’s also a sign of needing a break.

So tonight’s blog is about parents remembering themselves…

We are human beings too. We get tired, we get sad, we get overwhelmed and overworked. (Just to name a few) Being a parent is a full time job and it’s 24/7. Yes we chose this life but does that make us any less human? (I think not 🙂 ). If you have a support system that is willing to help…let them! It does not make you a bad parent. Really it makes you blessed. There are parents that have no support system be it because they are single, live away from family or some other reason.

This is your chance to rejuvenate yourself…to reup if you will…in my case for the next 6 months or so. (wait the math seems off lol) Trust me your kids will get used to it and may even like it. Doing things apart from you may make them appreciate you more, feel more grown-upish or even miss you. You know what they say…absence makes the heart grow fonder…hahahahahahaha…nevermind…I get goofy at times. But if you caught it laugh along.

Okay back to my point. I mentioned once before, not sure in what post , that I ask for weekend childcare IOUs for my birthday and Christmas every year. (Yep I sure do) In the period of time my daughter longs to come home to be with me. Most times I will stop by to see her briefly. On the weekends when my son is gone with his father he also comes home saying he missed me (sometimes…he’s a teen so that’s kinda uncool…you know to love your mom lol…or at least voicing it…unless of course you want something lol) But you get my point. It’s not going to hurt your child to be apart from you for a while!

So I’m going to end this here and go drink a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine.

Take care of yourself in order to take care of your children. Take a walk alone, close your door and read a book, watch a show you enjoy (instead of cartoons, unless you like it then by all means watch cartoons), sit outside and take in nature, go have dinner alone, catch a movie, maybe a Paint Nite (absolutely love those), go get a manicure or pedicure…Whatever you do be kind to you! 😉


*No kids were harmed while getting experience to make this post! Hahahahaha!


4 thoughts on “Survival of the Parents :)

    1. Thank you!

      It was hard for me to do at one point. But someone asked me “once you’ve run yourself into the ground who’s going to take care of your children?” Whoa! Eye opener lol You know cause no one does it as well as mommy 😊

      Hope you’re having a great week!

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