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Sunday Dinner #4 (Homemade Fried Calamari)

Tonight’s  Sunday dinner was a little different from the norm. Seafood is a favorite of mine. Shrimp, scallops, crabs, squid…pretty much anything that comes out of the sea I will eat. Except for catfish…yucky!

Earlier today I visited the local Asian grocery store in our area. There are so many interesting food items in there I could spend hours just looking and reading the packaging. However, today I went specifically for squid to make deep fried calamari. Unfortunately the smaller squid was out of stock. The owner advised the large squid would work just as well. Me being me I said “I’ll take it!” He gave me instructions for cleaning and I went about my merry way.

Cleaning Squid

It was rather easy to clean the squid. Initially, I was a little squeamish but once I started it got better. If you aren’t interested in actually prepping your own squid scroll on by the pictures below. I won’t be mad…I promise! 🙂

1. Cut the tail of the squid off. (This may be usable however I trashed it)
2. Pull all inside content out. Pull the head and the rest will follow. You may have to get down in there with your hand and some point. There is a tough plastic like structure that connects the inside to the body of the squid.
3. Starting from the head area grab the outer skin and pull downward. This came off pretty easily.
4. Rinse the squid meat that is left.
5. Slice or cut into squares.

*Disclaimer: (rather a warning lol) This thing had a lot of disgusting stuff inside that has to come out. So be prepared for that!!!

Deep Frying Squid

While scrolling through Pinterest I ran across many different recipes for calamari. I will say I chose the wrong techniques. LOL. Well wrong for what I like. I prefer a more tempura style of breading…flaky, crunchy and light. However, dinner was still yummy! Lucky for me, the squid came in twos so I can try again another day. Here are the easy steps I used tonight.

1. Soak calamari in a little milk for a 10-15 minutes. (I honestly think this changed the taste of the meat. It was said to help tenderize it on a sight. I will not do this the next time).

2. Mix flour, corn meal or seafood breading in a bowl with a top. (I also will not add corn meal. I believe this caused the “coating” like texture.)

3. Remove calamari from milk. Allow the excess to drip off and add meat to breading mix.

4.Heat cooking oil of your choice.

5. Drop coated meat into oil. Allow to cook no more than 2 minutes. Calamari cooks quickly. Overcooking can cause chewiness and dryness.

6. Drain excess oil with paper towel.

7. Enjoy!

Scrumptious at home seafood feast. My mother dropped off sides from church dinner. That worked well for me because I didn’t really have a plan for sides.

I hope this post was helpful! It is my sincere hope that everyone has a wonderfully productive and quick week! 🙂


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