Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #5

If we were having coffee we’d be trying a new blend of decaf. It’s vanilla flavored. Mine is full of milk! A nice light brown. You see, I prefer coffee with my creamer. We’d be sitting at my cute little kitchen table (I really do love my kitchen table). How was your week? Anything new or exciting happen? Do you just wanna talk to clear your mind? Go ahead you can talk to me. 🙂

IMG_7925[1]There’s a June baby in our house. Well she’s not a baby anymore, she will be 6 on the 23rd. For the 1st time in her life she wrote a birthday list. Although I have the list she keeps reminding me of what she wants. Her great aunt helped her write it and she made a point to tell me what was on it. (I can read lol). There are no big plans although she wants to invite friends over so I’ll see what I can do.

If we were having coffee I would ramble on about how I overslept for every single thing we had planned for this weekend. Everything! The Girl Scout yard sale (we made it an hour and a half after it started), church (didn’t make it at all) and just life in general. Hahahahaha! I have to do better. My observation was I needed sleep. (I’m kinda smart right? lol) After running errands yesterday I took a six hour “nap”. And it felt good! The little munchkin slept much longer. I took advantage of that and spent the early morning hours cleaning and cutting coupons.

IMG_7978[1]Yesterday we visited our local farmer’s market. Never really thought of going before. Don’t need fresh food when all you eat is processed lol. Anywho, not sure if I had big dreams for the trip (clearly I watch too much tv) or if our farmer’s market isn’t very good. :/ In my mind there would be cows and pigs for sale (I’m kidding i’m kidding). Seriously, I was expect a larger variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Almost every table with those items were selling the same things. Perhaps those are the items that produce the most here. *shoulder shrug* who knows!

Did I forget to mention my daughter was dressed as mini mouse for most of her waking hours yesterday? I didn’t ummm…well yeah that happened. Hahahahaha! I pick my battles and if she wants to go to the Farmer’s market, 2 grocery stores and the gas station dressed as Mini Mouse who am I to stop her! LOL. As I have said before she is a free spirit. I try no to kill it with conformity! My family however thought I should have made her change. My sister was so confused when she jumped out of the car. Pretty funny (you had to be there lol). By the way she broke the ears (I’ve told you before that’s how she rolls lol) *cute little story* A nice lady in the grocery store played along with her. She had a conversation with my daughter and at the end she said “I thought I knew you, you are Mini Mouse”

By the way I am doing her hair today! (Put down your pitchforks…lol…I’m kidding. My family has had quite enough of this style. And they aren’t being quiet about it) Hahahahahaha!

If we were having coffee I would vent about the 3 men in one day that told me to smile. If you read my Liebster Award post you’d know I absolutely loath the statements. It is my face. Nobodies resting face is a smile. Ugggghhhh so annoying. I started looking for cameras after it happened a second time lol.

Did you see our toenails? O well let me show you! Our Friday Shenanigans consisted of a river view and then girl’s night! We had a blast making memories! She painted her own nails! She’s getting pretty good at it!

#Weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Part Time Monster.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #5

  1. I’m the opposite – when asked at a cafe if they should leave room for cream, I say a very, very small amount since I like the idea of cream in my coffee more than the actual cream.

    Fresh food at a farmers market depends on what is in season. There’s not a whole lot in season in early June. As the summer goes on more will come up while other things will drop out. In September you may see the most variety. But then again, it’s possible everyone will grow a lot of the same thing.

    Thanks for the coffee! Have a great week!

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  2. I enjoyed your anecdotes about your daughter. My daughter is now 10. I remember when she was the same age as yours and I have a beautiful photo of her wearing a rainbow fairy outfit and looked so cute. Memories…

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