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Summer Fun Right in Your Front Yard

Summer is headed our way. Depending on where you live it may already feel like summer! When the weather is nice it just makes you want to get out there and enjoy it. However at times you still want to enjoy it at home. Keeping children cooped up in the house can, in my experience, be more stressful than relaxing. The newfangled kids (that’s what I call my daughter) are always moving, always touching and always in need something to do. It’s life ya gotta work with them. 🙂

Here are 4 simple, creative and inexpensive activities to tackle with the kiddos outside. Outside activities equal outside mess! Yes…I’ll take it! Let the rain wash it away later!

1. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Photo Cred: Made Everyday w/ Dana (Google Search)

Across the street from my house is a field with a few trees. Every now and then during the summer my mini woman and venture over to get few pine cones. After which we grab some peanut butter, bird seed and string or yarn. To occupy some of her time I will allow her to use a spoon to apply the peanut butter. She thinks it’s fun. I get to sit in my chair, relax and make small talk with her. Once she has covered the pine cone with peanut butter she rolls it in the bird seed. I tie string securely onto the pine cone and around a tree branch (we have a crepe myrtle in our front yard). Fun for the kids and food for the birds! Win win situation! This craft also provides an additional activity of bird watching.

2. Tie Dye T-shirts

tie dye
Photo Cred: Ricochet and Away

I believe in the spring of 2013 the kids and I  went outside with some acrylic paint, water, rubber bands and t-shirts. Pinterest is  a great resource to use for this project. There are a million different designs that can be achieved just by the way the t-shirt is tied. That year we took family pictures and wore our shirts.The pictures were really cute! If this is something your kids get a kick out of buy enough shirts so multiple shirts can be made. It’s all about using time in a fun way!

3. Finger Painting (or brush)

Grab some paper, paint and water. Head outside and let the kiddos go for it! This is literally one of the easiest set up activities. I let my daughter sit on the drive way and paint until she is content. Time well spent outside!

4. Leaf Tracing

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Get some paper (we use computer paper) and a box of crayons/color pencils. Head out on a little adventure to find “cool” leaves. Put the “awesome”leaf under the paper on a solid surface. Use the crayon/color pencils to basically scribble on the paper laying on the leaf. This will create a design on the paper that will make your child feel accomplished. *Note all the words in quotations are what I say to my daughter to hype up the experience* LOL

Hopefully, you can use some of these activities to get your gets outside and creative! Not sure about you all but if I don’t motivate my children they will sit inside watching tv and playing video games (well at least my son will) and my daughter will become what’s known as a hurricane inside of my house! No one needs that’s kind of energy closed inside of their house. Hahahahahaha!

Feature Image Photo Cred: Google Image Search


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun Right in Your Front Yard

  1. Cool ideas. I actually was thinking of the pine come activity before school let out. But I wasn’t sure if it attract ants and other unwanted things. Have you ever had a problem with that?

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