Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #4

Finally the work week is over…yippie! It’s time for some Friday Shenanigans!

Having children doesn’t mean you can’t have fun you simply have to change your definition of what fun is. (I read that on one of those super smart memes on fb lol)

My oldest child is gone for the weekend. Which by the way, if I can be honest, is a much needed break for him and for me. Have you ever taken clothes out of the dryer and they smell exactly how they smelled when you took them off to put them in the dirty clothes…yeah me either hahahahaha! Somehow my son managed to create this magic for me tonight. If you have ever smelled at teenage boy after basketball practice just imagine that times 4 or 5! Geesh I hear this teenage thing gets worse before it gets better. I’m going to need a therapist by the time this is all over. LOL

IMG_7966[1]Now back to the shenanigans at hand. While the weather was still nice (it stormed here right before sunset) my youngest and I headed down to the river! One of my favorite places. Cool breeze, warm sun and river sounds…ahhhhhh! I absolutely love it. There were couples in love (I assume lol) strolling down through the paths, people fishing from the pier (I eat nothing that comes out of that water 🙂 ), kids playing and people like me just enjoying the scenery. One of my favorite things to do there is look for rocks. This evening my daughter found rocks for me. When she wasn’t looking I tossed them in the water. At some point she asked to see them and I was caught lol. I told her I sent them home, then we both started throwing rocks into the river! Hahahahahaha! She smiled at me and gave me a hug! Yes these are the days I want my kids to remember. I’m not the best mom but I strive to at least be a good one. Excuse her hair in the pictures below. She really dislikes getting it done and I chose my battles on an ordinary day. 🙂

On our way home my little prissy lady asked if we could have a girl’s night. This is basically a fingernail and toenail night. As I said she hates getting her hair done. Recently I started letting her paint her own toenails. She loves doing it. My assumption is it makes her feel like a big girl. Tonight she wants to paint mine…I draw the line right there…lol. I’ll be painting my own, thank you very much! LOL She’s wearing my shirt in the pictures below. When we have really good days, like we have had today, she wants to do everything I do! These times make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

So what are you doing tonight? Do tell! 🙂


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