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I’m going “coco” nuts!

Recently, something has blown my mind, excited me…had me all giddy! (Don’t get too excited it doesn’t take much for me LOL). Perhaps you are thinking something huge had to have happened to her…proposal? new job? new house? Nope! *Drum roll* I cured an abscess on my gums naturally!!! (now do a dance a little jig if you will..for me?) Hahahahaha…my apologizes for getting you all excited.

If you have ever had an awful toothache perhaps you can understand my level of excitement. By the way I spared you all the gums before and after pictures. (you’re welcome) Figured this would relieve some anxiety about reading this post all the way to the end! LOL

Anywho, on Monday I had the worst toothache and was on a 1 1/2 hour drive from seeing my boyfriend’s family. Motrin was not doing the trick. Initially, my thought was I’m going to have to have my wisdom teeth pulled! Now I’m not the girl that likes pain. However, I’m also not the girl that likes high dentist bills..catch 22! Long story short I still have my wisdom teeth. This is where the abscess was. While searching the internet for possible avenues to ease the pain I ran across coconut oil pulling.

I began oil pulling on Monday evening. By the time I headed to bed I noticed a significant difference in the aching and throbbing. There’s much talk about oil pulling and the advantages of coconut oil. We use coconut oil for our skin, hair and cooking on a daily basis. I have even tried it in my coffee (yeah I’m not down with the greasy film across the top of my drink…yuck) a couple of times. However, I never would have thought to basically gargle with it. But I truly was in pain! I was willing to try anything!

Today, other than by my mental habit of keeping track of things, there is no signs of an abscess on my gums. The swelling has gone down and all the other symptoms (I’ll spare you the visual description lol) have ceased to exist!

Just figured I would share that story with you all because I was really amazed by it! Here’s also a nice little picture I found that gives other uses for coconut oil!



Photo Cred: Quick Google Search 🙂


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