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tumblr_mgh0o6K9V41rx8anyo1_1280To my surprise Mommy Usage was nominated for a happiness tag! Yippie! A million thanks go to Neat Habitat for the tag. If you have a moment please check out her blog. Neat Habitat includes recipes, amazing stories and awesome pictures (which readers can caption). You don’t want to miss the experience! 🙂

My corny attempts to keep the blog light and airy must be working. That makes me happy. As mentioned in prior blogs the support here is much appreciated. New ideas are always popping up in my mind. At times it seems there isn’t enough hours in the day! It’s very encouraging to know that this blog is reaching the community in a good way even if I’m not posting as much as I would like.

When one is tagged they must reveal 5 things that make them happy. (that’s easy) After which I am to tag 10 other blogs to share a little “happiness” with.

1. Seeing my children happy makes me super happy…even if it also makes me broke. Story of most parent’s lives. Now I’m not the overboard type of parent. When you become a parent you learn how someone else’s happiness is your happiness. Wow I almost cried typing that lol. I’m such a cry baby when it comes to my kids

2. Vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC is a huge happiness booster for me. Two years ago I decided that just because I was a single mother that didn’t mean my kids couldn’t experience a week vacation once a year. I managed to find a great resort in the area that included a water park, arcade, restaurants and an ice cream shop. We have gone every year since. Unfortunately we won’t make it this year due to the surgery I just had but you can bet your bottom dollar we will be there next year.

3. Just recently I discovered cooking fun food makes me happy. I love to finish a meal and it taste good. The accomplishment I feel is great. This is coming from a woman who has screwed up many meals and settled for fast food or processed food for weeks afterward. However, now if I mess it up I laugh it off and try again the next day.

4. Quiet time alone near a body of water or in nature is a soothing happiness I enjoy. There’s nothing like sitting by a river, ocean or lake listening to the calming sounds of nature. It really does help you to clear your mind and marvel at life itself. Perhaps a breeze will come by the will seem to breathe life into you. Sure there’s an occasional bug but if you are in your zone you may even find yourself admiring them as well. 😉  It’s happened to me before. I watched an ant pull another ant for quite some time. Even realized at that very moment that even the smallest or weakest (in someone’s opinion) can accomplish much. (O my I just got waaay to deep for my own self…let’s move along lol)

5. Succeeding is a happiness I most times hide in an effort not to seem arrogant or proud. When I had my son at 19 I was not sure what life was going to bring for us. It was scary. A few years after he was born I left my job and took a pay cut. Something inside said it was a good move. This year will make 10 years employed here. Through hard work and dedication I was able to move up and provide a decent life for myself and my children. At times I remember my movement and how I felt. In these times I smile to myself, mentally pat myself on the back and continue with life. I support me! Hahahahahaha!

Now I’d like to send some happiness out into the community!

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6. Open Thought Vortex
7. The Grizzle Grist Mill
8. Mrs. Twinkle
9. Pritamode
10. Obsolete Childhood

Please pass the happiness along! 🙂


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