Homemade Broth (Final Strain and Freeze)

At the birth of Mommy Usage I posted a recipe for homemade broth. At that time a comment was made concerning ridding the broth of the “scum” on top. The scum is basically fat and oil which wasn’t trapped in the initial straining process. Here’s a stroll through the last stages of the broth process.… Continue reading Homemade Broth (Final Strain and Freeze)

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Sunday Dinner # 5 (Prepared on Saturday posted on Tuesday)

*sorry about the blurry feature photo* Initially, I was not going to post this baked spaghetti recipe. My family (mom and sister included) dug in and devoured it before I was able to get a “finished product” picture. My mom and sister have been back at least once to get more. LOL…I’d say I’m getting… Continue reading Sunday Dinner # 5 (Prepared on Saturday posted on Tuesday)