Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #4

If we were having coffee I’d change it up a little. I’d first ask how your week has been before I start humorously complaining about being awake so early. You know my normal Saturday coffee share starter. I’d ask if this week bought about any new adventures for you. So how has your week been? Did you do anything new? Anything exciting? What’s your plans for Memorial Day?

I have to make my daughter some oatmeal which she probably (92% chance) will not eat…but go ahead and tell me about your week! I’m all ears! 🙂

After a long sip of decaf coffee I’d get a little mushy. I’d say thank you for following Mommy Usage! Not in my wildest dreams would I have imaged having close to 50 followers in less than a month. It has been on my mind to actually introduce myself (you know add a picture of me and tell you my name) for a few days. I’m also contemplating branching out and starting a facebook page…dun dun dun! We will see. But really, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support!

If we were having coffee I’d explain the reason why teenage boys were in my front yard playing basketball but my son was inside playing Xbox. He has advised that it is just too hot outside. They asked for a ride to the community center however when we arrived it was closed in observation of the Memorial Day holiday. (Makes sense.) My son seems to think he can only play in an arena…hahahahahaha…this kid! Get your little lanky behind outside and play ball! LOL

There’s so many activities going on with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and this morning we missed one. Apparently the flag laying activity for Memorial Day was today not Monday. I kept getting texts asking if I was coming and I just kept replying yes. It never dawned on me that perhaps the event was today! (I can be quite slow at times). Needless to say the last text I received stated…it’s over now. I really wanted my daughter to take part in that. (Had our matching flag shirts ready to go lol) Maybe next year. 😦

If we were having coffee we would discuss just how I fell on Monday. Like really what was going on there? I literally have thought about it a couple of times since it happened and started laughing (I know I’m a dork). But it’s fun.

O I almost forgot. I struggle with posting super private things about myself. I will laugh and kid all day with no problem. This week I posted a small snippet about a really rough year in my life. The post was meant only to share a quote I love but I started typing and that’s what happened lol. Please understand the are only remnants of that year that linger. No matter how many times life knocks me down I will get back up. Life is a roller coaster at times but I am not ready to get off! ❤

Today we have a birthday party to attend. I need desperately to do yard work as well. Hopefully I can get that done once it cools a bit. Tomorrow I plan to attend church. My boyfriends birthday is coming up and we are going to celebrate at this really tasty restaurant we found. It’s an Asian fusion spot! Really nice. My favorite is the sushi with fillet mignon and tobiko (color fish eggs) on top! OMG how tasty! And on Monday there is only on activity I have planned…sleep!

Seriously tell me about your week! When I have time I wander around the community and attempt to be helpful and show my support. It gives me pleasure to connect with other bloggers.

My Read of the Week: (New on my #weekendcoffeeshare)

Open Thought Vortex called Rip Out Your Vocal Cords: An Open Letter to the Mother Who Won’t Grow Up



10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #4

  1. I work nights. My kids have soccer practice and games through the day. My wife wants my time. When I’m working the days are one blur of coming and goings and a bit of sleep. When I’m off, I put everything else away and spend time with them….by the way if we were having coffee I suppose you could have been reminded about the flag ceremony. LOL

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  2. Been going to a baby wearing workout class. It’s been a lot of fun. Also spoke with our local Girl Scout troop leader about how to get my daughter to join. I admire your staying busy. I like seeing busy moms. As an introvert, this is something that is challenging for me lol! But I’m working on it!

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    1. Baby wearing workout classes sounds fun! I never thought about that when I had a baby I could wear! Our Girl Scout troop stays busy! This week we donated peanut butter to our local food bank and took a tour, we also had our end of year ceremony and next week we have full schedule as well! The parents are very friendly and easy to talk to! You will love it! Let me know how it goes! I understand the introvert part! I too have struggled with this. 😊

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      1. I will. Thanks! I’m glad you understand the introvert thing. At times when I need me time to recharge, I feel guilty about it. As if I am ignoring my kids. I have to remind myself that it’s ok to do this every now and then, especially if it helps me keep my sanity.

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