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Pizza and Movie Family Night

IMG_7872[1]If you happened to read my Friday Shenanigans post you probably thought…she is all over the place tonight. I am happy to report my youngest baby woke up. The family, including my mom, watched Goosebumps and made pizzas. It’s always nice when family time goes as planned.

Time together is super important to me. Even on nights like tonight, when I really wanted to just go to bed, I normally have a plan. Monday – Friday afternoon I will live groundhogs day but when I have the time I want to spend it with them. These years won’t last forever! 🙂

Are you looking for an inexpensive hands on family activity? Host a family pizza night! This allows your children and other family members to actively participate in dinner prep while also having fun. To avoid a big mess you can prepare the dough before calling the team in. That’s what I did this evening. My daughter, younger cousin and I had a pizza night a little while ago. It looked like a flour war took place in my kitchen. I wanted no parts of that tonight. I know what you are thinking…make pizza dough??? Maybe you weren’t thinking that but it was a good way transition…hahahaha…work with me!

Here’s a quick easy option to make the dough…these little packets are maybe $.99 – $1.50 for 3. They were free to me during a couponing trip a little while ago. This is why I’m not exactly sure of the price. The directions plus all you will need is listed on the back. How convenient, right? Using the most of each item listed one packet made 4 mini pizzas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday night! I’ve been posting quite a bit today but I missed a few days this week…you know life happened. I look forward to having coffee in the morning 😉

More pictures from pizza night…



2 thoughts on “Pizza and Movie Family Night

  1. Another great thing you can do, is folding the pizza in half, making sure that it is a closed bag of dough, wrapping it in aluminium foil and then baking it in the ember of a campfire or grill. My scout group does that once a year, and it’s always great fun. You have to get the timing right though, leave it in the ember to long, and it will have aome burned spots:

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