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The Long Year

After one of the longest, saddest, most stressful and trying years of my life I decided no longer would I allow life to just happen to me. My life was mine! Things happening is inevitable however how I allow them to affect me was my decision.

I was allowed to be angry. I could cry if I wanted to…even lay on the couch  (I have two kids so that didn’t last long) and sulk. My whole 2013 was on “the couch”…figuratively speaking. Being a single mother being able to work through emotional things isn’t easy due to the fact that you have to be “present”. In this time I did what was absolutely necessary. I will be honest…I washed clothes as needed, I cleaned as needed and I did what I could to make it through the day. It was a rough year! Based on conversations I have had with my children they didn’t seem to notice. However, I felt like the worst mother.

So long story short…at the beginning of 2014 I got up off of my figurative couch, dusted myself off and moved on with life. This is one of the best quotes I read after that year…just wanted to share a short snippet into me…

meryl streep

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! 🙂

Do you have a quote that you just love and can feel down in your bones?


5 thoughts on “The Long Year

  1. Have you ever heard of the artist Sia?
    Her song ‘Alive’ does for me what this quote does for you.

    Love the post, I am so glad that you got up off your metaphorical couch and walked on. I hate it when people seem to be stuck in the mud and can’t figure their way out of it.

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  2. Your story is very sad, but I think everything will work out for you, you have pulled yourself together and are moving on.
    Keep writing it’s good for you, all the best to your future. Blessings.

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