Friday Shenanigans #3

240550-Cheers-To-The-Weekend-May-Your-Coffee-Be-Strong-And-Your-Pajamas-Be-ComfyThe work week is over *happy dance* and the long weekend is here (I’ll toast to that)! My current situation is a sleeping 5 year old and a gaming 13 year old. There’s nothing more relaxing than a deep tone voiced male child yelling on Xbox Live…o yeah I’m living the life hahahahaha! When I was younger my mother always watched the news in the evenings so naturally I am watching the news. 20/20 is my fav and it comes on later tonight. (I’m so cool lol)

Tonight’s shenanigans may, I say may because the little one is sleeping, include homemade pizza making (yes yes yes) and movies.It’s easier to get these activities started when my daughter is involved. Her brother has a hard time telling her no about certain things. She uses her little cute face and voice to make him do what she wants…and if that doesn’t work she takes him by force (well she tries). Eventually I will peel myself out of my comfy bed in order to miss the messy part of kids making homemade pizza. Not feeling that clean up tonight. I’ll make the dough and let them put their own toppings on when it’s time to make dinner.

My daughter has been sick this week. The little free spirit does not slow down. (anyone know an energy bottler?) Most times I can’t tell when she is sick. By the time we made it to the doctor she had bronchitis. She’s been sleeping a lot. I may end up solo tonight . Unless my son decides to acknowledge my presence LOL. (I’m telling you all he absolutely loves me) The little lady is normally my shadow on Friday nights.

I’m feeling very creative tonight. Like I really wanna do something creative. In the past few months I’ve been pinning DIY fairy garden furniture on Pinterest. Perhaps I will try  to make a few pieces. I want to upcycle things to make it. Fairy gardens are so cute I think!

fairy garden
Photo Cred: (google search)

The 97 day (ok it was like 3 weeks) rainfall we were experiencing has stopped. Not sure who angered the precipitation gods but I’m glad they apparently apologized. LOL. Perhaps I’ll start the firepit, when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, grab a glass a wine and relax outside for a while. Only time will tell!

Can I tell you guys a funny story from work today? I can! Thanks! 🙂 It was funny to me. My coworkers and I will celebrate anything in order to eat. Sooooo we celebrated Friday! Ha…so sad but it happened! Anywho, a coworker contributed a caramel marble cake…like caramel icing…ewwww gross yuck! Long story short in transport the icing came off in a few sections so I cut a piece with no icing out of the middle of the cake. Someone says with great concern “who made the cake into a picture frame”. LOL Yep those are the kinds of things I do! Hahahahahaha…sorry!

What are your plans for the 1st night of this 3 day weekend?


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