Stuffed Hamburgers *Redemption*

Tonight I redeemed myself. Last night’s debacle is history!

It is never a bad time for a good juicy burger! Well in my opinion! While this may not be a super healthy meal it is all “natural” ingredients. When I say natural I mean no preservatives.

Let’s get right to it…I have at least one more blog to publish tonight.

What You Will Need:
1 lb hamburger
1/2 tbs hamburger seasoning
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp oregano
5 fresh mushrooms
4 piece of bacon
fresh mozzarella cheese
Olive oil (cooking oil of your choice)

Prep + Cook Time: 1 hour or less
Serves: 4 (depends on size of burger)

1. Cook bacon. Crumble bacon.
2. Clean mushrooms and slice. Cover the bottom of a pan with a thin layer of olive oil. Put mushrooms in pan. Sprinkle a little salt and cook until brown.
3. Slice mozzarella.
3. Season hamburger meat with hamburger seasoning, oregano, salt and pepper. Mix with hands.
4. Roll hamburger into small balls. Be sure you have an even number of hamburger balls.
5. Begin to flatten into hamburger patties. Patties should not be thick as the burger will be stuffed.
6. Lay patty on a plate that the meat will not stick to. (I used a styrofoam plate)
7. Lay mozzarella in middle of patty, next put mushrooms on top of mozzarella and lastly sprinkle bacon on top.
8. Flatten another hamburger ball and lay on top of the items on the plate.
9. Push outsides of each patty together. (If this is not done all of your hamburgers will look like the top hamburger to the left)
10. Cover the bottom of a pan with olive oil. Turn stove to medium. Allow oil to warm.
11. Gently remove burger from plate and place in pan.
12. Allow to cook on both sides until brown. After both sides have browned lower the heat. Allow to cook until done.

I hope you enjoy! This is a family favorite in my house! Feel free to mix it up. Maybe try different fillers if you don’t fancy the items used in this recipe. Maybe even turkey instead of hamburger! I won’t be mad…I promise 🙂 Posted below are pictures of each step to stuff the burgers.

After last night, hearing my son ask why I only made him one hamburger made me smile.
Click here to find out what was going on in my kitchen last night!

Images of Hamburger Assembly


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