What is going on…

It is with great sadness that I come to you tonight. Please bow your heads…RIP Kung Pow Chicken Meatball recipe I killed, demolished, destroyed, executed and so on and so forth. I’m talking two chews and frantically running around the kitchen in search of the trash can. It was right where it always is. Nasty food will disorient you. Hahahaha! I’m not too proud to say something went terribly wrong tonight. I have had a tension headache all day. Not sure if that had anything to do with the “chicken muffins” (that’s what my boyfriend called them LOL) I made tonight or not. As he is chewing he asks “what’s going on here”…meaning in his mouth. They were awful. Perhaps I read the recipe wrong. Chicken nuggets and tater tots it is (I just died a little inside). Even though this used to be a go to meal for me. The lies we tell…used to…it just happened an hour ago! Additionally, tonight I found out if I “fail” at a recipe that meant I had to do the dishes. LOL…happy he was kidding! My honey is doing the dishes now! *Whew-wipes brow*I think it’s safe to say I peaked for the week with Sunday Dinner!

Wait let’s just talk about my week so far. Monday during a monsoon…ok ok it was raining. By now you know I drastically exaggerate (it’s fun). Anyway, during the monsoon 🙂 I realized my car needed to be moved. My job is in downtown where parking is not free. (yet another petition I need to start). After racing to my car and finding a parking spot it was discover not one red cent had accompanied me to this parking spot…yeah I forgot my wallet. At this point I have self talk about whether I want to just get a ticket or go back for my wallet. The broke inside me said absolutely not! As I swiftly head two blocks back to my building I feel my heel begin to drift across the slippery brick…if you haven’t guessed…I was falling. In the .5 seconds it took for me to hit the ground (Jesus take me now) my mind advised that we just might not make it out of this alive, maybe we should lay here and play dead (because we are definitely falling) or we can catch us. The last was the dumbest of all as I  tense my one stable leg it begins to buckle. Then it happened…I fell. My mind was nowhere to be found…I was the only thing sitting on the ground. LOL! Thank goodness somewhere inside of me a logical person abides. Once it was all over I got up dusted leaves off my hand, patted the remaining rain onto my black (my mind new this was coming) coat, laughed and continued walking. I told my coworkers what happened and we all had a good laugh! Life happens!


One another note Mommy Usage received 2 Leibster Awards in one day! Awesome sauce! Thank you My Frugal Farmstead and It’s the little things… I have to carve out some time tomorrow to complete the blog post to nominate other blogs I like! Please Please Please go check out their blogs. They are both awesome!

I promise to post a recipe tomorrow! 🙂 Stuffed Hamburger! Sooooooo delicious. I need redemption even if it is using my own recipe.  O and I will post something helpful. But tonight just rambling….

How has your week been so far???? Do tell!!


8 thoughts on “What is going on…

    1. I just recently started actually putting effort into cooking. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. Only difference is I now have a blog to share the failure and laughs with! Good luck with your next recipe! Thanks for the comment!

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