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Frugal Style (Distressed Shorts)

*Today there may be a few short posts from me. I woke up early again, but full of blog ideas.*

Last year around 4th of July the wardrobe coordination wasn’t going so well for me. Yes we  (when I say “we” just remember it means “I”) coordinate our colors and shirts. Corny…maybe…but I looove it!  The 13 year old is just annoyed by it (he secretly loves me hahaha). Right now the 5 year old doesn’t know it’s “uncool” to dress like your ancient mother. (And I’m not telling hahaha)

Good Will is one of my favorite shopping spots for my clothes. (I call it adult hand-me-down shopping). The search for a good consignment shop for my daughter has finally come to an end! (Yippie!!) My son is a different story. You see he is very particular. (he has no job how is that possible?) He’s not doing his part with the frugal living! *Okay does anyone want a 13 year old…he’s good at video games 🙂  !!! Just kiddking…or am I? :0

Enough of my ramblings…let’s upcycle some jeans!

This is a very easy way to save money on clothing in the summer! If there are jean floating around your home with worn knees or just don’t fit turn them into frayed/distressed shorts.

1.Begin by cutting both legs evenly. I used a piece of chalk to mark where the cuts needed to be. To fray the ends, with tweezers or the tips of your finger, pull fabric a part. The string will come off of the jeans. I twill still be attached at the seams. You may leave it hanging (kinda hippie looking) or you can pull/cut it completely off.

Photo Cred: (google search)

2. Using scissors cut slits as long or as short as you would like across the jeans. (I’ve seen posts on Pinterest using an object that resembles a cheese grater. I attempted to find the name for you but my search was futile…sorry) To fray use fingers or tweezers to pull the fabric apart. Much like the picture above just in a different spot. LOL (is this blog necessary? LOL)

Photo Cred: (google search)

Here are a few other pictures I found to fray or distress material. Use the method that works best for you!

Hopefully this is a helpful post. Feel free to leave feedback!


4 thoughts on “Frugal Style (Distressed Shorts)

  1. Have we reverted to 1968? OH I HOPE SO! I loved the frayed jeans, the gypsy tops, the three snap hip huggers…..the leather halter tops. OH CRAP! I am 61! how in hades am I supposed to get away with the “new look”? Maybe I can duct tape my upper regions into a semblance of perky before I try on my old leather halter………and get lipo before I try on the old frayed jeans. except I can’t afford lipo………I guess I need duct tape around the middle too……oh to be young again.

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    1. I’m 32 but I’m an old soul! All of those looks sound like something I would like to wear. I’ve had two children so I know how gravity can take it’s toll. LOL…have a wonderful week!

      Liked by 1 person

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