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Friday Shenanigans #2

Heeeellllooo out there! I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!

So what did I do? Dance Weekend!! Yes, for about 4 hours I applied makeup, reapplied make up, curled hair, bunned hair and did costume changes. Whew (wipes brow) it is a chaotic scene but the girls absolutely love it! My involvement is purely to satisfy my daughter. I actually want to have a shirt made that says “Non-Dance Mom”on the front and “I just want my child to have fun” on the back. Not sure how well it would be received! LOL This marks year 2 of dance for us!

IMG_7731[1]This years show theme is everyone can be a princess…i think. Hahahaha! I know she is Mulan for her ballet piece. Okay so I went and grabbed the program book. The show is actually called “Stronger”. You can now judge my momminess (made that word up). I just know in one of the Acts all the girls are princesses.

4 hours is just  1 1/2 Acts…the show is actually about 5 1/2 hours long. Could be longer. At this point I’m just sleepy and throwing out numbers. 😀 We may stay for the finale tomorrow. Our staying depends on how well the listening ears are working. Tonight I believe they were turned completely off.

Here are her costumes…cute cute and more cute! There was so much cuteness in the building that all kids felt the need to listen unnecessary. Lol…but hey it’s only two nights a year for most.

Have you ever been to a dance show/recital? How long was it? Did you enjoy it?

My son turns 13 tomorrow. He is not home this weekend. I picked up a card to go along with his gifts. I thought it was really funny! I don’t expect to get things from my children because I’d have to buy my own gift! Hahahahaha! As he ages I believe he feels he should get something on “special” days for me. He has begun telling me my gift was delivered to the wrong place. However, he is working on getting the problem fixed. LOL…he gets his wit from his mother. Anywho, here’s the card I purchased for his birthday.

You are allowed to laugh! I have no plans on signing it! When I purchased it I thought we can actually start using it as a tradition of sorts. This will be both of our birthday card for years to come. My mind has told me we can exchange this card every year with a new handwritten message to the birthday person, to include the year it was written. We will see if that works.

Well I am beat…down…perhaps I’ll see you in the morning for hot cup of coffee 😉


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