Cute Food (Beef Wrapped Potatoes and Carrots)

Hey Everybody!

This will probably be the quickest post I ever write. My 1st day back to work was yesterday. I believe yesterday my adrenaline was rushing from trying to get things done and seeing all that I had to do. I crashed hard yesterday. I’m talking about taking a nap during my Girl’s Scout meeting. As well as getting in bed much earlier than I normally do. Today I had to nap on my lunch break. Now I am like zombie mom waiting for my son’s 10 pm bedtime. However, I was still able to crank out a clean eating (real food) dinner! Beef wrapped potatoes and carrots, vegetable quinoa, and fried broccoli. I wasn’t too kin on the quinoa. LOL

Here’s a cute little dinner idea…Beef wrapped potatoes and carrots!

What you will need:
2 Medium Potatoes
1 Carrot
2 Small Beef (your choice I used Flat Iron Steak Beef Chuck)
Cilantro, Rosemary and Thyme

Peel potatoes. Clean carrot. Cut both into thin long slices. Add a little salt and cilantro (or fresh herb of your choice). Put in oven on 365 degrees. Allow to cook until both have softened but are still slightly firm. Do not overcook or it will all turn into mush.
Use a meat tenderizer to make the beef flatter.
Cut into thin long slices. Sprinkle with a little salt.
Once potatoes and carrots have cooked begin wrapping the steak diagonally around the filler items. Be sure to wrap diagonally to ensure even cooking on the beef. After wrapping insert toothpicks to hold everything in place. 
Cover the bottom of your pan with olive oil. I added a some thyme and rosemary to the pan. Allow to cook on each side until brown.



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