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Beautiful DIY Terrarium

In the spirit of Earth Day last month my…and in the spirit of “this girl has to sit down somewhere”…my daughter and I set out to make terrariums. Neither of us work for a nursery nor have we attend any botany classes! LOL…just wanna put that out there! However, we did this project on April 23 and all of the plants are still alive. So I’d say we did a great job. I entered Lowes like a deer in headlights. Thank goodness for employees who can spot a clueless customer. Hahahahaha.

Here’s a quick project you can do with your child and not break the bank. The cost of the project was around $30.00. I wanted to make several as a centerpiece for our kitchen table and to occupy a big chunk of time for my little human ball of energy. If you only want to make a few you could probably walk away with all the supplies for less than $20. I had to be fancy and by bamboo plants…those things were $4.00 each and I purchased two! Geeze louis…I went too far! 😀

terrarium needs1What you will need: Indoor House Plants, Sand, Decorative Rocks, Potting Soil and Glass Container

1. Pour rocks into glass container. Cover the bottom. This is where any excess water will settle. Ya don’t want root rot! It could ruin your entire terrarium.

2. Add potting soil. You can choose to fill it to the top or half way up you glass container.

3.Start to loosen the roots of you plants and transport the plant to the glass container.

4. Add potting soil as necessary to cover all roots.

5. You can now add sand and more rocks to the top as decorations.

In the container that includes the bamboo plant I used sand at the bottom and rocks. The roots of bamboo plants have to be moist at all times. The sand will hold the moisture. The rocks will keep the excess off! At least in my mind that’s how it will work! A few posts on Pinterest included charcoal as well as putting sand in the bottom.Clearly it works either way!  🙂 I almost never follow directions! I just go for it. Most times it just works out!

Due to the kind of plants I purchased we filled the whole container. If you purchase say succulents…halfway might be better. After all terrariums are actually suppose to be inside the glass. LOL…it was our 1st time! Annnnndddd succulents were expensive. No thank you! Although I had a good angel-bad devil experience with myself as I fought not to buy them. The cheap me won! Yeeessss! I would have been upset with myself for days if I had purchase those plants. No matter how cute they were. Maybe I can find some on Ebay!

Anywho, here are pictures of the “terrariums” we created. I let my children give two of them to my mother for Mother’s Day! She loved them!




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