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If we were having coffee you’d notice that I kept my promise to purchase K cups. 😀 How has your week been? Do anything exciting? Try anything new?

I’m headed back to work on  Monday. All my anxiety concerning this has diminished. The extra week my doctor allowed was just what I needed. Wow what a difference a week can make!

On Mother’s Day I woke up with a sense of despair. Mostly because I knew my expectations would not be met. Not sure why I even woke up with expectations. Mother’s Day is normally just another day for me. In past years I liked the thought of planning things and doing things for my children on this day. Half of the day I wanted to cry (like really lady lol). This may be linked to my recent surgery. You see, I will never be able to become a mother again…naturally. My son turns 13 on Saturday and my daughter will be 6 in June. No more babies for me and time is passing far too quickly. I intended to post this awesome, loving, heart melting Mother’s Day post but I couldn’t…my apologizes! OK…now that I’ve used you as a therapist lol…how was your Mother’s Day? O no don’t hold back if you had a great Mother’s Day I wanna know! I’m no crab in a barrel! 🙂

The little thunder bolt (my daughter) and I finally started our garden. We have strawberries, which were only planted once, however every year they come back. Yippie…money saved! Cucumbers, green peppers, zucchinis and tomatoes were planted. Come take a look!


Today has been very busy for me (I can’t remember my actual week due to today’s events). My oldest and his friends asked for a ride to our local community center. This should have taken 15 minutes…tops! However, it took a wopping 65 mins…yes I’m slightly petty I could have just said an hour and 5 mins…lol. I picked up 2 of his friends. One said he needed to get his membership card so naturally I took him to his home to get it. I’m # 1 Mom! Hahahaha. I am convinced he went inside his home and took a shower, shaved his face (he has no facial hair), built  a new home and created a new card. Yeeeaaaahhhh that’s how long it took him to come back outside. Fast forward…we arrive at our destination one of them needed me to sign a form and pay. I can admit when I have been “had”. And today I was. O did I mention this was all before 10:00 AM?!?!?!?!? All of them will be walking the next time. Mostly because they smelled awful when I ALSO picked them up! Tehehehe.

I was feeling a little creative so in after the prior mentioned antics. I made this cute little breakfast for myself and my daughter! Even bought out the real plates. We use styrofoam around these parts. I am anti-dish washing.


My final task today was a Girl Scout camp! Now I’m not sure why I was expecting a paved parking lot, a shuttle bus and hors d’oeuvres..just to name a few. Yes, I was completely mistaken. Like who do I think I am? Hahahaha…sometimes I have to laugh at myself. We parked in a field, walked down a gravel road to a gravel path and into the dining hall where no hors d’oeuvres were being served! The girls, and when I say girls I mean me too, took a hike. Now let me be clear it has been raining and nippy all week. Today it was clear skies and beaming sun that purposely, I believe, ran from the clouds. My little munchkin enjoyed it so that’s all that mattered. O how did I forget we had to do a tick search. We found 3 between the 2 of us. Ahhhhhhhhhhh (that’s me screaming). Needless to say hair has been washed and bodies have been thoroughly scrubbed!

Next weekend I may not be able to have coffee with you until Sunday. My little love bug has her dance show. The craziness starts this week. Show week!!






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