Found this on a blog called Close to You on WordPress. It’s it such a nice read about mothers!

Close to You

Motherhood doesn’t only mean carrying a child for 10 months in womb and giving birth to a child. It’s a responsibility and a commitment for at least  18 to 20 years. Only a mother knows her dedication and sacrifice towards her children. Mother is like a shelter. She gives shadow to her child on a sunny day like a big tree. She shows light in the darkest night to her child. She protects her child in the stormy night like a shed.  She gives warmth to her child by burning in the fire. A child hardly realizes her dedications and sleepless efforts to bring up him or her.
So, bringing up is more difficult than giving birth a child. Giving birth is only 10 months curriculum, but bringing up is for 18 years program.

People are spending huge amount of money to be a parents of their biological child. They…

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