Regularly Scheduled Program

Getting a household of three on a schedule, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. can be very challenging as the only parent in the home. My children didn’t hear you ask, didn’t do it, and forgot! Well, until bedtime that is and then they remember everything. It has to be done ASAP and sleeping can wait. (In case you didn’t know…it’s a trick). They will draw the chore out for hours thus eating into my hour of alone time. Can’t have that! LOL

While sitting at work one day, completely exhausted, a light bulb came on. I needed to make my children accountable for things. I shouldn’t be doing all the work around the house. After all I did all the work while they were pooping, peeing and puking on me before they could fin for themselves. Where’s my payback? (Kidding, but they did need accountability).

Now that I have 85 % recovered  from my surgery our household will return to its regularly scheduled program. Here’s a method I use to keep my house somewhat tidy without having to threaten to throw out every electronic device in the house! Yes yes I will do that! Threaten that is…I paid money for those electronics. 😀

1.Memo – Every Monday I type up a memo for our weekly family meeting. It includes anything happening in the week that’s “need to know”. At the end of the meeting each family member is allowed to respectfully voice their opinions on things. The 5 year old high jacks most meeting to tell use about bubble gum or something important to HER. LOL We listen because she has the floor.


2.Chore Calendar – I grabbed a calendar off of Google Images. Just be sure it’s a calendar that can be modified. I use color codes for each family member. It’s easier and no one can say they didn’t know.


3. Payment Coupons (Rewards) – Make payment coupons. When we began the children worked toward allowances. At times they still do but the coupons below are also used as a form of reward. These coupons can be used in several different ways i.e. advent calendar. Additionally, if you tell your kids you will give them money and perhaps you don’t have cash you can use your check for them to cash in later. Money they remember!


*I used Microsoft Word. It was really simple. If I can figure out how to make printables I will add them to the post.*

Thanks for reading. I hope it’s helpful! Please feel free to leave feedback!








6 thoughts on “Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I love that you let the 5 year old discuss bubblegum! Sometimes we forget about the simple things that are so important to young ones and forget to really listen to them and understand that bubblegum is a pretty big deal at that age. You also seemed quite organized with your memos and chore calendars, very nice!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and your comment! Yea my 5 year old can talk about anything for several minutes…hahaha I had to put a time limit on it for the sake of my 12 year old. After the meeting she normally resumes the conversation with me lol…a mom’s life!

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