Homemade Broth

At  any point one can run to the grocery store and pick up boxed or canned chicken/beef broth or stock. But what if I told you it could be made right at home with things you already have in your fridge?! Woohoo! I’m excited…how about you?

Making your own meat stock is simple and easy. Best of all you will know which ingredients were used to create it. It also allows for less food waste. I made this stock out of chicken backs after I cut the yummy breast meat off! Keep in mind parts of the chicken can be used.

What you will need:
2-4 Chicken backs
6-8 cups of water
1/2 onion
3-4 celery stocks
3-4 carrots
Fresh herbs (I used parsley and cilantro)

Prep Time: 10-15 mins
1. Bring water to a boil
2. Clean all veggies. Be sure to shave the outside of your carrots.

Cook Time: 5-10 hours
1. After water is boiling add all your ingredients to the pot
2. In about 20 mins turn the stove down to simmer.
3. Allow the veggies and chicken to steep for several hours.


Check the pot periodically to check for liquid evaporation. If you notice your water level is down just add more water as needed.

At least 5 hours has passed! You are now ready to retrieve your nutrient rich stock! Use a strainer to separate the large items from your broth/stock. You can salvage the chicken from the bone if you’d like. The chicken can be used for tacos, chicken spaghetti, soup and much more at a later date. It can even be frozen for later.

Now that you have gotten the stock separated it’s time to get the small pieces of chicken and veggies that linger. Grab your strainer and a paper towel. I read many recipes that suggested a coffee filter. And I did try it. But I am a single mother of 2 children and I do not have 45 hours (by now you all know I exaggerate hahahahaha) to filter broth. The paper towel worked well for me and it was muuuuch quicker. Put the paper towel into the strainer. Pour the liquid into the strainer. The paper towel will catch all the little pieces that tried to stay behind as well as a good amount of grease.

Feel proud of yourself! I was proud of myself but it doesn’t take much for me! 🙂 This broth can be frozen for later use or it can be used right now! I used mine for a yummy Lentil Sausage soup the same day!

Stay Tuned for a craft blog soon!


8 thoughts on “Homemade Broth

      1. I use salt in a minimal way bringing up the flavored with other herbs, lemon, etc. I really like your recipe because when I buy this off the shelves, the salt content is off the charts. I really am going to enjoy your recipe…I call it clean cooking.

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  1. what do you do with the “scum” that forms? or is it just me that has scummy stock? It drives me crazy, and it is never mentioned anywhere so I haven’t a clue if it is just my stock or everyone’s that gets that slick stuff on top while it is cooking.


    1. I strain mine with a paper towel at least 2 times. In all I strain 3 (when removing contents and twice once it’s just broth) times. The paper towel catches most of the extra stuff including grease and scum. If you put it in the fridge for a few hours the grease will separate from the broth as well. Hope this helps!

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