Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee we would actually be having hot chocolate. Cheap runs in my blood and therefore I am constantly attempting to save money. I am sorry to admit my last attempt failed. True to my frugal self I purchased a reusable K cup thingy. It came with like 97 pieces…ok ok maybe I’m being a little dramatic it came with 5. Anywho, after using rocket science I figured it out. We were well on our way to coffee when another issue arose. The K cup contraption needed to be removed from the coffee maker. Like really why would someone do this to me knowing how much I love coffee. It was like one of those wars I learned about in school and the coffee maker won! Well played Keurig, well played. I’ll go buy your K cups later today! LOL Long story short one broken nail later and we are having hot chocolate. You’re welcome! I do what I can! Next weekend we will be having coffee…I promise!DSCF2709

Now let’s talk…you already know I coupon because you read my prior post! Thank you so much! 😉 This week I scored a Keurig 2.0 for $20! A steal! The store was remodeling the housewares section so the display was up for grabs. I grabbed it and ran like a football player trying to get to the end zone. Looking at everyone who passed me and looked in my cart. Not really I strolled up to the check out like a normal human being.

A little serious talk now…I’m almost 6 weeks post-op so I’ll be heading back to work next Monday. I’m a wee bit nervous. The pain is just about gone. For the 1st time since the surgery I am starting to feel like myself. To tell the truth I’m not really ready. I have really enjoyed being home to greet my children, to fix my daughter a snack that she begged for but didn’t eat LOL, to talk about their days and to watch corny shows/cartoons with my daughter. Having the ability to cook a healthy yummy dinner without rushing to get ready for Groundhogs Day (also known as tomorrow) was absolutely awesome! Outside of weekends we live the same day. That’s family life for ya!

My biggest accomplishment this week was starting Mommy Usage. Thaaaaaanky you auto correct for the amazing blog name! Please mozzy on over and check it out. Since we are having coffee my only assumption is that we are friends? acquaintances? a person I know? Hahahahaha…i’m going to stop now! Please check out my blog and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave feedback. If you like it, love it and can’t live without it please follow! I’ll follow back!






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