Just in case…

I am a single mother, not because of divorce, because I was never married *clutches pearls* LOL. My family consists of myself, a 12 year old son (pray for me) and a 5 year old daughter (energy overload). While I work a conventional 9-5 (well 7:30-4:30 but you get the picture) my children are also involved in many extracurricular activities. This, at times, makes me want to talk to someone about cloning. I love it!

In the small amount of spare time the activities that keep me alive and sane include couponing, diy beauty, reading, crafting, gardening and yoga. I play around a little with photography as well. So perhaps I have more spare time than I realize…hahahahaha!

As a mother I constantly find myself wondering if I can do more or be more for my kids. Truth is I can only do what I can with what I have. Hints the name of my blog. I’m a mom using what I have. Mommy usage will provide 1.) Recipes (not from a world renowned chef) but from a mother attempting to get her family to eat a little healthier. 2.) Crafts (not from a Michael’s enthusiast) but from a mother trying to cultivate creativity in her kids. 3.) Life experiences (not from someone who has life all figured out) just from one mother to another. The drop down menus up top will take you on an adventure 😉

*Quick Cute Story* (you’ll find a lot of those on Mommy Usage)

My iPhone always turns “muah” into “mommy usage”…darn auto correct! Because everyone I know uses the phrase “mommy usage”…NOT! I took it as a sign! ; )


9 thoughts on “Just in case…

  1. I may have neither age nor qualification to be a mother – I am a sixteen year old teenager, male, thankyaverymuch – but I still think this is interesting. Don’t let me down! 😉

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      1. Yes it is! So different than most comments you see on the internet. My son had been pestering me to start one for some time but neither one of us realized how much I would love it. (I think he had been blogging for two years before I started.)

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