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Sunday Dinner #2 (Stuffed Chicken and Hash)

OMG…that was delicious! The 1st bite surprised me! This is the best dinner I have made to date since switching to a clean eating lifestyle. It has become apparent to me that I love to cook yummy fun food. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. (I cook with love and a few glasses of… Continue reading Sunday Dinner #2 (Stuffed Chicken and Hash)


Cute Food (Beef Wrapped Potatoes and Carrots)

Hey Everybody! This will probably be the quickest post I ever write. My 1st day back to work was yesterday. I believe yesterday my adrenaline was rushing from trying to get things done and seeing all that I had to do. I crashed hard yesterday. I’m talking about taking a nap during my Girl’s Scout… Continue reading Cute Food (Beef Wrapped Potatoes and Carrots)